Elevate the Scripture in Times of Crisis

2020 may go down as the most unforgettable year of our lifetime. In less than six months, we have had three crises. First, the Covid-19 pandemic and the sickness and suffering that is occurring along with it. Second, the economic crisis with millions of people having lost their jobs and income because of the nationwide quarantine and stay-at-home orders. And finally, over the last two weeks, the global cries of outrage and demand for justice in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

In responding to the third crisis, I plan to preach from Micah 6:8 at all our worship services this coming Sunday. Micah 6:8 asks, “And what does the LORD require of you?” There are three requirements listed as an answer. Number one is to act justly. Number two is to love mercy, and number three is to walk humbly with your God. I will be preaching on this great passage and applying the teaching to all the strife, division, turmoil, and cries for justice throughout our nation.

As your pastor, let me share with you this: the problem of racism is real. Do we need to address this problem? Yes, we do. Will we? Yes, we will.

We may not consider ourselves to be racist, but such times demand that we closely examine ourselves. The senseless death of George Floyd is a pivotal moment for our country. Can we respond with some soul searching? One, do we really treat all people with kindness? Two, do we stand up enough for justice when persons are mistreated? Three, is our life completely humble in relating to our fellow men and women regardless of race and background?

This is a time to throw assumptions out the window, and I would encourage all of us to ask ourselves, “how can I treat all people the way I want to be treated?” as Jesus teaches. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would do unto you!” (Matthew 7:9) I challenge us to not only do better but to model Jesus’ teaching of loving everyone in the world as a witness. We must elevate love right now!

In the tumultuous times we have experienced so far, I would invite us to elevate the Scripture. “There is nothing new under the sun” the book of Ecclesiastes 9:1 teaches us. The Scripture inspires every generation to apply God’s truth for that generation. Have your Bible apps and Bibles handy this Sunday!

I hope you will tune in and Livestream as we elevate the Scripture in these confusing times. In this year of crises, we need the truth of God’s Word all the more.

In the meantime, seek to “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before the Lord.”
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Philip McVay

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