Tribute to Rev. Brian Dale

In this edition of the Beacon, I wanted to honor and pay tribute to Rev. Brian Dale. I met Brian back in May of 2016. Our District Superintendent (DS), Dr. Jeremy Pridgeon, let me know of a United Methodist Pastor from the North Georgia Conference who was seeking to relocate to the Pensacola area. His wife, Sue, had just secured a new job at Sacred Heart Hospital. Upon learning of Brian, I reached out to him by email on a Thursday evening.

I left for Pensacola one Friday morning to do some work on a home we owned over there and was almost out the front door when I thought, “I better check my email before I leave.” Brian had responded that he was already in Pensacola that day and was open to talk over the weekend. How coincidental was that? I sent a message back to him and we agreed to meet two hours later at a Mexican restaurant on Davis Highway for lunch.

At our appointment, I was dressed for yard work and Brian was in a coat and tie! We seemed to get on the same page quickly and had a great lunch. I let our DS know to move forward with Brian being our new Executive Pastor and the rest is history!

During Brian’s time with us, he has made numerous contributions and has shared freely his attributes! These are some of the highlights I have observed:

  • One of Brian’s attributes is his hearty laughter! It has been infectious for our entire staff. Brian and his wife Sue can be heard laughing frequently and loudly. We will miss Brian and Sue’s laughter very much.
  • Another attribute is that he Brian genuinely loves people. I have witnessed his patience, extra mile steps, and care of people first-hand. He is a great witness for Christ.
  • Brian contributed to our ministry through the Saturday Night Service and was the primary preacher most weeks.
  • He worked with the Missions Committee during his tenure and was able to participate one summer with the Cuba Mission Team.
  • Brian organized and led a church trip to the Holy Land for our members just this past January.
  • He planned special programs for our church that were received very well, including Lady G. during our volunteer appreciation, and mysteries of the Shroud of Turin on Holy Saturday in 2017.
  • Brian has offered numerous forgiveness classes that have been well supported and needed.
  • He has been the primary pastor involved with our life changing military Reboot ministry.
  • He has teamed with me for the best part of five years in co-teaching Pastors Class.
  • He has, of course, preached at all our worship services for five years and has been the primary preacher for 11:07 in the last year.

Thank you, Brian for making so many Kingdom contributions these last five years. Bagdad UMC has some great years of ministry ahead! May the Lord’s favor continue to shine upon you and through you! It has been a delight to share with you in ministry these past five years.
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