Shalimar UMC Moving to the Full Gospel SPREAD Offense

A football coach hoping to increase offensive production might commit to the spread offense, which means the defense is forced to spread out to cover up to five wide receivers. If a team does this well, the point production and yardage go way up! Why am I sharing this sports analogy? As your Lead Pastor, I believe these times of the Corona Virus call us to make the most of our new opportunities. It is time to SPREAD our offense for the Gospel! What does a spread offense look like for our Church?

  • It is a time to embolden our laity to spread the use of their gifts for the sake of the Kingdom. What is holding you back? Excuses or maybe uncertainty? God has given you a gift to use for His glory.
  • Our preachers should sharpen and implement evangelism plans to reach the world for Jesus. This has become my greatest focus during these last months. It is time to spread evangelism throughout every segment of our church.
  • Let us empower the laity to spread what Jesus has done in your life to others. Nothing is more effective than to witness from one person to another. It is time to spread our witness through word and deed.
  • We must spread the good news of Jesus to every neighbor, friend, acquaintance, and family member in word and deed. Everyone has people to reach for Jesus at their doorstep. We only need to open our hearts to see through Kingdom eyes and hear with Kingdom ears.
  • It is time we spread words of encouragement and hope and offer deeds of love to every person in our path in Shalimar and the greater Fort Walton Beach area. Our community has never needed love and compassion like they do right now!
  • We should spread our influence to make the winning of souls and disciples our sole priority of our church!
  • It is time to spread our good deeds to shine! Jesus says, “let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)


Our best church times are just ahead! Let us prepare to buckle up and get ready for the great evangelism harvest in the future! There will be a new playbook forthcoming for our church! We are going to a new offense at Shalimar UMC! I am calling it “The Full Gospel SPREAD Offense!”

I’m counting on you to make all the spiritual preparations necessary to be a full participating member of this new offense. As John Wesley said, “the world is my parish.” It’s game time! Let us spread the good news of Jesus today!
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Philip McVay

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