Church Council Recap April 2020

This isn't an official record of the Church Council. It's my account of the events. Part of the church's goals this year is to be more transparent with activities and make it easier for people to know what's going on. If you'd like to see the official minutes, please contact the church office for them when they are complete.

Tuesday, April 28th, the Church Council met on Zoom. The last meeting was on February 3rd. We're excited that 48 devices joined the call, bringing the total to 52 people present.

David Mobley - Finance Committee Chair

It was a very uplifting meeting. David reported on our finances. We are in a great place thanks to our church's faithfulness in giving during this crisis. The staff has also been working hard to cut down all unnecessary spending. Click here to read David's words on the PPP funds.

Howard Goodpaster - Trustees Chair

Howard shared the exciting news that they have found a way to add a bathroom to the Sanctuary for  just a few thousand dollars. This will help our facilities be more hospitable to people and our older generation. They are working to be sure it's ADA compliant.

Angie Turnbow - Lay Leader

Angie updated everyone that Pastor Brian is helping her work on the PLACE ministry before he transitions. Angie is also the chair of our COVID-19 Task Force team. Click here to read Philip's article on the task force.

Wendy Thomas - SPRC Chair

Wendy shared how Staff-Parrish Relations has been working with the conference to assist Pastor Brian in finding a retirement church and find a replacement pastor to preach the 11:07 service. She asked everyone to be in prayer for both Pastor Brian and Pastor Matt as they transition. Click here to watch Wendy's announcement on the appointments.

Brad Bradford - Worship Pastor

Pastor Brad shared the exciting things happening with Livestream. We've made some needed hardware upgrades to our system that have made significant improvements to the video and audio quality of Livestream. We're so thankful to everyone who helped years ago put this system in place, making worship possible now. If you haven't seen the breakdown of Livestream numbers, you can check them out here.

David Garvin - Youth Pastor

Pastor David shared how the youth were using Instagram and Zoom to have weekly devotions and small group meetings. Click here to visit the Student Ministries page.

Jennifer Guidoni - Children Director

Jennifer talked about the ways she's been connecting with children through the Children's church and Zoomy room. She has been helping support parents through the current struggles as well. Click here to visit the Children's Ministry page.

The next Church Council meeting at this time has not been scheduled due to our unknown COVID-19 schedule. We expect it to be sometime in June.
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