Stepping Up

Our church continues strong in ministry during these most challenging times! How is this possible? Our congregation and staff are stepping up and stepping into ministry during this important time for the church. Our previous work as a church has helped move us toward the future. The Good Lord is blessing us in these times so let us remember to praise Him from whom all blessings flow!

Our faithfulness to God has stepped up and into the ministry of this unexpected time. We have a very loyal congregation! You meant it when you joined the church and offered your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. You continue to stay connected and being the church. Your faithfulness in giving is incredible in such a time. You are making a great impact so thank you!
Our lay leadership is stepping up and into ministry. The Lead Team, Staff Parish, Finance, Trustees, Missions, Worship Leadership, Audio and Technical Support, Blessings for Children, small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, and other leaders are stepping up and into the many opportunities presented right now.

Shalimar UMC made the good decision to go to Livestream worship services years ago. I was not here but have heard the story that some visionary members championed the cause before anyone really knew what the benefits were. Last Sunday, we had over 1,000 people impacted through our worship. This again included over 20 states. Below is a thank you from one of our own members, Terry Silvester, and a photo of last Sunday from Stephanie Parham of her son watching a Livestream service.

“So, thanks for being there, and thanks for the online steaming. I'm sure a couple of years ago when someone suggested setting up online streaming, we thought it was a little unnecessary. How blessed we are that you had it set up and the glitches worked out when this virus came along. Please thank the online streaming team for their foresight and for all their work in making this happen every week.” –Terry Silvester

Our staff is stepping up and into ministry in this unusual time. The staff may be working from home, but the work goes on and has increased in quality! Stories will emerge of all the work that has kept the church moving forward. Thank you to all the staff for their amazing work and incredible resilience. I believe our staff is functioning at the highest level of cooperation and teamwork since I have been here.

We have so many in the congregation that are silent servants. Thank you for the many spontaneous acts of care and kindness toward our community. Many of our silent servants have stepped up during this time of uncertainty with so much love and compassion.

The coronavirus makes it difficult for us to know what our immediate or long-term future will look like. Based on what I observe, though, this uncertainty will only strengthen Shalimar United Methodist Church. After only six weeks, I am so proud of our congregation! Let us remain humble before the Lord as we get through this time one day at a time, trusting and confident of His victory in the future!
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