Easter is Not Cancelled!!!

Baffled, blindsided, upside down world…are these not the most bizarre times we can ever remember? Can any of you even recall a time so strange? Just think about how our world has changed in just the last month. The unthinkable and unfathomable have both happened! We have been ordered to stay in our homes by the Governor unless it is absolutely necessary. Schools and universities are now prevented from assembly and can only meet online. There is so much that has been cancelled.

Both the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments have been cancelled. MLB and college baseball have been cancelled and events postponed. Restaurants have closed except for takeout orders. Gas is at a decade low, yet no one can travel. Who could have guessed at any of this just a month ago?

But the coronavirus has caused something far worse than the extra precautions, staying at home, and cancellations. We are all grieving the staggering loss of life. The number of deaths per day is beyond what we can grasp. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and to those who fear losing loved ones. Let us pray our world, nation, and community sees an end to this pandemic. There has been no time such as this in our lifetimes.

We have had cancellation after cancellation, but one thing has not been cancelled…EASTER! We will not gather for worship this weekend in person but make no mistake about it…EASTER IS NOT CANCELLED! The good news of the message of the risen Lord will never be cancelled. And we will have Easter! We will proclaim again the resurrection of our Lord! We need this message of hope more than ever! Not only will we have this Easter celebration, it will be a most unforgettable one!

I hope you are able to tune into our Easter Livestream at 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, or 11:07am. You will be hearing the good news that the coronavirus will never cancel Easter! Even in these strange times we can say HAPPY EASTER! HE IS RISEN!
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Philip McVay

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