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Have you ever wondered how activated charcoal works? Activated charcoal is made of carbon, just like charcoal briquettes. However, unlike the bricks you put in your grill, activated charcoal has been processed at high heat, so that it is better to bond with other things, like toxins. Being "activated" becomes very good for filtering water, detoxifying your stomach, or deodorizing your shoes.

Sometimes our faith is like that. We may have faith, but that faith has to be "activated" for it to take on the Christ-like qualities needed to carry on the church's work. The Holy Spirit activates our faith (John 14:12, "greater works than these will you do because I go to the Father,") and the work we do becomes a living faith (James 2:26, "faith without works is dead.") It is the difference between burnt wood and activated charcoal.

So how do you activate your faith? Only by subjecting it to the high heat of living it out. Whenever you think about what you believe or have discussions with your friends about religion, ask yourself the "so what" question. "I believe Jesus died for me. So what? So I'm going to share that good news with others." "I believe God loves me, and God loves others just as much. So what? So I'm going to love them too." Do you see how the "so what" question activates your faith?

At Shalimar UMC, we believe that activating your faith is just as important as having faith. That is why we offer opportunities for service in the name of Christ. We are not only creating busy work for people; we are creating an environment for faith activation.

On Sunday, April 28, we have a unique Faith in Action Day. It will be a time of recognizing that our work is worship, and our worship is work. Our worship will include going out into the community to live out our faith in service to others. We are identifying projects that need to be done, which will bless others and make our community a better place to live. This will include activities for people of all ages and all physical abilities. While some people will be working with hammers and saws, others will be using paintbrushes or yard rakes. Still, others will be writing greeting cards or fixing lunches, or even be part of a prayer team. There is something for everyone! Mark your calendar and lookout for more information to come. Until then, look for ways you can be activating your faith by serving in the church. You will find yourself blessed to be a blessing to others.
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