Ep. 35 - Holy Week, Chrysalis Flight 108, and Remembering Deputy Cullen Coraine

Mar 30, 2023    Matt Langford, Ben Savage, Chris Day

We need Chrysalis and Journey applicants! New upper room guidelines have the age ranges from 15 - 35, if you are a sponsor, start getting those applications in! Specifically we are taking application for April 13-16th Flight 108. Email to ben@shalimar-umc.org and he will get them hand delivered to the registrar! Holy Week is upon us and this weekend is Wrangle at Red Mountain Ranch, a Shalimar UMC Youth Choir Dinner Theater! Finally, taking a moment to remember Deputy Cullen Coraine.


Rev. Matt Langford - @sway_on_tap

Ben Savage - @savagenole

Chris Day - @chrisday79


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