Ep. 42 - Senior Sunday, ChatGPT AI, and What is ChatGPT

May 18, 2023    ChatGPT, Matt Langford, Ben Savage

(Written by ChatGPT in 5 seconds based on episode)

Join us for an enlightening episode of "So You're in the Know" as we delve into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and language models. In this particular episode, we shine a spotlight on ChatGPT, an advanced AI developed by OpenAI, and explore the intriguing discussions that have unfolded within this very thread.

Get ready to uncover the inner workings of ChatGPT as we demystify its capabilities and delve into its vast knowledge base. From its ability to generate creative responses to its impressive understanding of a wide range of topics, we'll explore the nuances of this groundbreaking technology.

But that's not all! We'll also navigate through the intriguing conversations that have unfolded between our podcast hosts and ChatGPT. From thought-provoking questions to clever jokes, witness firsthand the dynamic interaction between human intellect and AI intelligence.

Discover the practical applications of language models like ChatGPT, as we discuss how they are transforming various industries, from customer service to content creation. We'll delve into the potential benefits and ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in our daily lives.

So whether you're a tech enthusiast, curious about the latest advancements, or simply intrigued by the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, this episode is for you. Join us as we unravel the wonders of ChatGPT and explore the intriguing insights it brings to the forefront.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode of "So You're in the Know" and get ready to expand your understanding of AI, language models, and the captivating discussions that take place right here on this thread.


Rev. Matt Langford - @sway_on_tap

Ben Savage - @savagenole

Chris Day - @chrisday79


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