The Bread House
Casa de Pan

When COVID hit, we started collecting food to help those in need. We found many people couldn't get to Sharing and Caring because of transportation limitations. We're still donating to them regularly. We've learned a lot over the first three months of COVID and serving those around us. The Bread House (Casa de Pan) came into being.

The Bread House serves more than bread. Check out the menu below. Three days a week, we help our community with food, personal items, and paper products. You can help by donating any of the items on the list.

The Bread House (Casa de Pan) is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 9:00-12:00pm. We invite people to drive up to the back of Cross Corner. Come to the door, and we'll determine what you need. The volunteers will pack the bags, then bring everything out of the kitchen.

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