Lent 2023

Wed, February 22 - Sun, Apr 9

The I AM

Our sermon series through Lent is called “The I AM.” Everyone will receive a 40-day “THE I AM” plan where we will focus on the I AM sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John!  Dedicating 40 days to follow the Lord will make remarkable differences in each of our lives. We invite you to dive deeper into the word with us during Lent.

...If I go to the people of Israel and tell them, ‘The God of your ancestors has sent me to you,’ they will ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what should I tell them?”
God replied to Moses, “I am who I am. Say this to the people of Israel: I am has sent me to you.”  
                                                                                                                - Exodus 3:13b-14  (NLT)

40-Day Reading Plan


Download the 40-Day Reading Plan to follow along with our Lent Sermon Series!
Listen to the podcast every Monday to hear our Pastors share what spoke to them during the weekly scriptures.

Seven Deadly Sins

Join our four pastors as we study the Seven Deadly sins together.

Each week we'll take one of the sins and learn the biblical truths about what it means in our life. We will also set the sin beside a virtue to aspire to have, found in the Sermon on the Mount. Lastly, we will look at how we can personally work through these sins in our lives and offer some application throughout your week.

This study is from Tuesday, Feb 28 – Tuesday, April 11
Offered at 9am & 6pm in the Music Suite

Easter Festival

ALL are invited to join us as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!
Festivities will include food, fellowship, Easter egg hunts, inflatables, and activities for the children.
Bring the whole family and invite your friends!!

Easter Festival is  Saturday, April 8 from 10am-12pm
Located in the Family Life Center


Holy Week begins on April 2 with the waving of palm branches while shouting "Hosanna!" on Palm Sunday.
Holy Week captures the most important week in the history of the faith.
We remember as we worship the One who gave His life for us.
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Sun, Apr 9 | 8am · 9:30am · 11am · 11:07am

Join us as we celebrate Christ's victory over sin and death.
We have 4 opportunities to worship, both in-person and online.

Traditions Services

8:00 & 11am
Our Traditions service has everything you’d expect in traditional worship. Our sanctuary is filled with stained glass and oak pews, creating a warm, worship environment. The organ and piano lead the hymns, and there is a rotation of the ensemble, handbells, and orchestra.

Connect Service

Our worship team provides a mix of contemporary and traditional elements. If you love church traditions and a bit more pep in your music, Connect is the perfect place for you. You can expect things like corporate prayers, the grand piano mixed with the drums,  electric guitar, and weekly communion.

Freedom Service

Freedom will wake you up with a full band, lighting effects, and creative elements. This modern worship space will provide a spiritual connection. No matter your church background, you'll fit right in. Come dressed, how you feel comfortable. Our goal is to create an environment where you can meet God and have your life changed.