Growing in Discipleship

Philip's Discipleship Focus

Philip has shared his desire for our church to grow as Disciples. His heart is to see our church grow, deeper in our faith in Jesus Christ, and wider by inviting others to join us in that journey. Philip brought to life Jesus' only sermon, recorded in Matthew's gospel. This was the launching point for his discipleship focus. Join us as our church takes a step forward, becoming the church God wants us to be.

What are we doing?

We're learning from the Bible and each other through groups and classes to be more like Christ. This learning helps us be in a deeper relationship with God.

How do we grow together?

We don't all need the same things at the same time. Our lives and spiritual needs are different. Below, you'll find a listing of what we're offering right now to help you grow in your spiritual life.

Find Your Place to Grow

Faith would love to help you find the group or ministry that's the right fit for you. This form will get you started.

Children Ministry

Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade
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Student Discipleship

6th-12th Graders
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Young Adult Discipleship

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 Adult Discipleship

Wednesday Programs

Dr. Philip McVay's Pastor's Class

Join Philip as teaches and leads a discussion on Wednesday about the coming sermon. He'll share more information than you'll get in the message and give you an opportunity to ask questions. You'll even have an opportunity to influence what he preaches about on Sunday morning. This group is perfect if you want to just show up. There's no preparation required.
6:00-7:00pm in Cross Corer Fellowship Hall

Rev. Faith Parry's Study on Galatians

Pastor Faith is teaching the book of Galatians as part of her ordination requirements. Bring your Bibles and your questions as we dive together into Paul's letter to the people of Galatia. This short book packs a punch.
5:45-7:00pm in room 212 and by Zoom

Rev. Matt Langford's Wesleyan Way of Living

Pastor Matt is teaching a small group study about how to follow John Wesley's 3 simple rules to a Christian Life. Join him in this simple yet life-long pattern for the Christian Life.
5:45-7:00pm in room 207

Carolyn Kincaid's Run for God

Join us for a Run for God study! Even if you've never run before, you can join our class and learn everything from picking out the right shoes to completing your first 5K with us in November at Shalimar UMC! The Run for God Challenge is a guide to running and a twelve-week training plan aimed at running a 5K, but with a Christian focus.
Starts Aug 18 - 6:15-7:00pm in room 213

Women's Studies

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 Military Discipleship

Healing for the Entire Family

REBOOT is a faith-based combat trauma healing course, designed to address the spiritual wounds of war. Combat veterans are healing, divorce rates are dropping, medication abuse decreases, and suicide numbers reduced at REBOOT locations across the country.

Our next REBOOT class begins August 26th.