A Very Special Thanksgiving

Last year, Thanksgiving plans were interrupted for many. For the first time in over 60 years, I know my family did not gather at my mother’s on McVay Hill, near Jackson, Alabama. However, we are resuming this year to have a Thanksgiving feast together. As we celebrate Thanksgiving next week, I hope you also have a great Thanksgiving with your family! This Thanksgiving could be the greatest ever because many of us did Thanksgiving so differently last year!

My Father loved Thanksgiving and always said the blessing before the meal. He was a quiet man, but he would open up and take extra time before the blessing to speak out the blessings of the year! He died in 1988. Oh, how I miss his words of thanks. His legacy at Thanksgiving lives on, and this is one reason I list my blessings each year. Here are some of the varied blessings on my mind as I begin making my thanksgiving list this year!

  • Karen, my wife now 36 years.
  • My fabulous daughters: Mallory, Brooke, and Haley.
  • My grandchildren Luke and for the blessing of Lexie this year.
  • My sons-in-law Brian, Matt, and Marlin
  • My mother still going strong at 91
  • Friends in which you can share almost anything
  • Forty-six consecutive years under appointment as a pastor in the United Methodist Church
  • The congregation of Shalimar UMC who give generously and serve enthusiastically through the strangest 20 months in church history
  • Loyalty in unknown and uncertain times  
  • The Doxology of praising God for His faithfulness
  • Our leadership of Shalimar United Methodist Church
  • Our resilient and hard-working staff at Shalimar UMC  
  • Disciple planning for 2022
  • Happy socks that match
  • Trooper
  • Atlanta Braves win the world series
  • Running faster this year than last year (about 2 minutes faster per mile)
  • Swimming a record number of miles in 2021 (it was a low bar)
  • Ideas that make me think (Why didn’t I think of that)
  • Counting blessings over collecting troubles
  • People who constantly encourage and keep moving toward hope
  • Peanuts (green, boiled, roasted, raw)
  • Being able to write my blessings after a year plus of Covid

Well, these are some of my blessings. Have you made a list yet? If you do, it will change your attitude and perspective. So maybe you can jot down some blessings today.

Anyway, may you and yours have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.


Philip McVay

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