Bread House Week 80

URGENT REQUEST! We need someone to help pick up Milk and Eggs! If you can spare a couple of hours a week, please contact Pete at 703.395.2437! Thank you!

Meet the newest member of our Bread House customers. Jennifer has been bringing her daughter Alisha to the Bread House during her pregnancy. Alisha finally had the baby and brought the baby by for all of us to see.

Week 80 Numbers                  
Bags Collected - 204            
Bags Given Out - 219          
Gift cards Given - 0                
Members Served - 227        

Total Numbers
Bags Collected - 23,243
Bags Given Out - 21,113 (79.2 tons)
Gift cards Given - 176 ($7,525)
 Members Served - 17,203

4 New Families visited this week, representing 12 individuals.

Focused Items this Week:
  • Paper Towels and toilet paper (a must need each week)
  • Jelly and Peanut Butter
  • Canned vegetables

If you don’t have time to shop, you can donate money to The Bread House by sending a check to SUMC; in the MEMO line, enter “Bread House.”

If you have questions or want to become a volunteer, contact Janet Norris, 850.598.5399, or Pete Peters, 703.395.2437, or stop by.

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