Shalimar Memories - Sharon Segars

Sharon Segars grew up in our church, moved away, and is now attending online from Alabama. She sent me these memories in response to the call for church stories. You never know what will be remembered. Sharon Wrote:

Sunday School

I may be wrong, but I think some of my Sunday School teachers were Mr. And Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. McLain, and Theresa Barker. I know I had more, but I do not remember their names.


I was an acolyte as a preteen. The acolytes would hold the communion "wine" on either side of the altar until the ushers or ministers needed more. One time I started feeling sick. Suzi Flood noticed me swaying from where she was sitting in the choir loft. She took the cups from me, helped me down the back stairs, and called my mom. They thought I was sick, but in thought, I just with my knees locked too long. I learned later in chorus; you have to shift your weight from one leg to another, so you do not faint.

Teen Years

As a youth, I remember playing volleyball with the other Methodist Churches in the area. We played against Trinity UMC, First UMC Ft. Walton, and Niceville UMC. I think we even played with the church across the street one time. I liked seeing my friends from the other churches. I was excited to hear the youth we're doing Fifth Quarter with other churches.
We had a large group of youth and brought in even more when we went bowling or skating. Our schedule on Sunday was Youth handbells at 3:00, youth choir at 4:00, snack supper (done by the parents) at 5:00, and MYF at 6:00. The youth choir sang at the 8:30 service every week. The adults sang at 11:00. On Wednesday night, we had Bible Study.
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