Exciting New Things for the Parry Family

God Goes Before

God goes before us. Sometimes we don't see how he is working or where he is leading, but he always walks with us and guides us when we seek him. A lot has been going on in the Parry house, as we've been seeking God this year.

It started with me praying about going before the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) this year again. It's a huge decision and a lot of work. I've put the BOM off for years because of family things but felt God saying this was the year. Abigail was enrolled in an online school program to help her deal with her social, academic, and anxiety needs.

We felt God was with our family in a season of preparation, but we weren't sure what it was. Then, AJ returned home from a 5-week Army training with an offer to go full-time as a trainer for the state disaster response team called CERFP. Disaster response is the reason AJ joined the Army National Guard 10 years ago. The Florida National Guard chose AJ to train soldiers across the state to respond to natural and manufactured disasters.

My Amazing Husband

I am so proud of my husband, his desire to help others in times of hardships, and his accomplishments that led to this job opportunity. I should note, this new job is at Camp Blanding, outside Jacksonville, FL.
God goes before us; before we know we need him. When I decided to go before the BOM this year, I had no idea that I would be living outside our conference's geographical area next year. Completing my ordination work this year was indeed God's timing, not mine.
Abigail being in school online will make it easy for our family to transition flexibly and not think about school. Talk about a "God-a-dink."
The Parry family is moving. AJ's job starts October 1. Abigail and I will be staying in Shalimar through December. We don't know many things yet, but what we do know is that God is always doing extraordinary things. The list of ways he has prepared our family for this opportunity is endless. I know he is going to continue to prepare the way.

How You Can Help

  1. I'm sure this will make many of you sad. I am praying for our church, and I ask that you pray for us. Pray that God will show clearly everyone's next steps. Please pray for our family as AJ travels back and forth every few weeks. Most importantly, please pray that God is glorified through this next chapter in the life of the Parry Family.

  2. Collect moving supplies. We are self-moving, so if you see moving boxes or get the newspaper, please bring those supplies either by the parsonage (12 Meigs Dr) or to my office. I'd greatly appreciate it.

  3. Consider volunteering. Some ministries will have gaps when I leave that need help, like our technology ministries, online ministry, and nursery ministry. If these are areas that you have skills and passions, consider stepping in. I'll be focusing my last months on helping identify people to fill gaps and empower them to carry on God's work as the church has always done in times of transition.

Once again, please pray. Pray that God will bless our church, ministries, and Kingdom through this change. I know he will do amazing things when we step out of the known into his future.

In His Service,

Faith Parry

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