Forty Leaders for Forty Days

Save the dates now! The season of Lent in 2022 begins on March 2. Lent will extend through Easter, April 17, 2022. Thus, in the coming six months, we will have an opportunity to prepare for an unprecedented time of discipleship making through Shalimar United Methodist Church.

One of the crucial steps of discipleship growth planning begins in October. My goal is to have 40 team leaders in place by October 31, 2021, to guide small groups, prayer groups, Bible studies, lecture classes with TEACHERS, new classes, and other discipleship options. Team leaders for Lent 2022 will have four months to plan for the success of this Lenten discipleship initiative.
In October, I will be actively recruiting potential leaders for these Lenten classes. As a college football coach goes on the recruiting trail, I will be spending significant time inviting potential leaders to participate in this grand discipleship wave of Lent 2022. If you are interested in being one of the forty, here is some information that might help you say “YES.”
•We will receive coaching to help us be successful with the Lenten discipleship wave!
•We will receive resources, tools, and a plan for Lent during November.
•We will have three months in advance to invite and recruit our groups. (Groups can be any size, but usually the smaller, the better, with 7-12 persons being ideal)
•We can invite our friends, neighbors, and other people we already know for our discipleship journey.
•We can choose to lead people we do not know.
•We can choose our location on the church campus, our home, coffee shop, online, or zoom.

The creation of 40 additional teams for 40 days will involve a significant number of people both in our congregation and REACHING into our community! When we add these new teams to our existing teams, we will be taking a step toward 1,000 persons in weekly discipleship through Shalimar United Methodist Church. Are you one of these 40 persons to lead for 40 days? I sure hope so!
Please keep the upcoming months of preparation in your prayers. We seek to meet the Holy Spirit in this post-Covid church that is being birthed. In such times, let us follow our Lord’s teachings “make disciples” of all nations. Let us become more like Jesus every day as our environment is ripe for the harvest. In the words of Jesus, “the harvest is great the workers are few. So, pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to SEND more workers into his fields.” (Luke 10:2; NLT). Say “YES” to discipleship 2022!

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